Putting additional information in Nagios Notifications


Hi All,

When we receive a nagios notification through e-mail, it usually looks something like this:

*** Nagios ***

Notification Type:


I was wondering if it were possible (thru manual coding or perhaps a plugin) to add a bit more descriptive of the problem. For instance, if our database server went down, some more information like… “This is the main database server. This server runs x, y, z. This is a critical issue”. If the database server was running low on disk space, more info like “The main database server is running low on disk space. This is not critical, however should be addressed as soon as possible.”

The reasoning is that we have some non-techy people that need to know when servers are down, or that there are issues, however they don’t have the knowledge necessary to differentiate critical alerts that may or may not need a response ASAP.

Any thoughts?


I don’t think there’s much you can do except modify the description of the service/host, and changing the plugins threshold values to meet the WARNING vs CRITICAL self description :slight_smile: