Putting BIOS YUMI, and UEFI YUMI on 1 flash drive?

I have a large flash drive. Is it possible instead of having seperate flash drives for YUMI, and UEFI YUMI to create mutliple bootable partitions on a single usb drive one that uses UEFI YUMI, and one that uses BIOS YUMI. I tried doing this and using gparted to change the partition id, and the flags to make the computer think that the other partition is the bootable one,and switch to legacy mode in bios but it just keeps booting the partition I have uefi installed on. When I try to install something with regular YUMI on a partition it tells me it will not be bootable because it has to be fat32 or ntfs but I do have both partitions formatted as fat32, and I’ve tried having them both ntfs, and one of each. If it is not possible its fine but I was curious if it was. Thanks much in advanced!