Putty and vmware

I am trying to capture network traffic from a putty connection to my Fedora machine that is running on VMWare. I checked the trace, but I am not sure what I am looking for. I do not see anything on port 22, but I am not sure if I am checking correctly.

Also, would I want to filter on my windows xp ip address, the ip address for the NIC card in VMWare, or the ip address of the Fedora box running inside VMWare?

Would I filter like so:

port 22

so that I could capture the putty traffic? I am getting a network connection timed out error in putty. I can ssh localhost in Fedora. So, I know the ssh is ok. Something along the way is blocking putty from from accessing the Fedora box.

I tried to filter on port 22 and there is no traffic in the wireshark capture. I also tried to capture on the destination address and there is no traffic in the wireshark capture.

I am not sure how to capture putty traffic. I am using port 22 in putty.

I used putty to connect to a different box that I have been able to connect to in the past. I connected. Now, I see protocol SSH. So, does putty have to connect first in order for wireshark to capture traffic? Isn’t there some type of request done first that would show up in the capture?

Problem solved with reboot of pc.

PUTTY on Windows 2003 and VMWare ESX virtual machines - SSH, Does anyone have experience of running Putty on a Windows 2003 server.There is no version available for Windows 2003 server. Also, does anyone have experience of running Putty in a virtual server, such …I am just trying to wrap this around in my mind to where he ran putty from in order to get to this ESX unit.

sometimes rebooting is simple to solutions to pc problems.

There should not be problem for traffic capture.It must capture whole traffic without configuration.