Qemu vs qemu-kvm


Hi all,

I did conduct a following benchmark in qemu and qemu-kvm

CPU: AMD 4400 process dual core with svm enabled, 2G RAM
Host OS: OpenSUSE 11.3 with latest Patch, running with kde4
Guest OS: FreeDos
Emulated Memory: 256M
Network: Nil
Language: Turbo C 2.0
Benchmark Program:

Count from 0000000 to 9999999
display the counter on the screen by direct accessing the screen memory (i.e. 0xb800:xxxx)

It only takes 6 sec when running in qemu.

But it takes 89 sec when running in qemu-kvm.

I ran the benchmark one by one, not in parallel.

I scratched my head whole nite, but still not idea why this happens, would somebody give me some hints …

many thanks.