Question 1: Email and Text Notification


Hi there, I am new to the forum, and well new to Linux and Nagios. On the up side, im not a complete retard, and as such, I have installed Nagios and have it running on 8 servers, 7 of which are windows.

Ok, on to the first question.

I am not getting my email notifications, course, I dont know where to set that up, other than under contacts where I put my email. However, I dont understand how it can access my SMTP server to send out the email if I never set it up, and honestly, I cant find where I should set this all up.

Part 2 of the first question would be, I would also like to receive text to my phone, I see they say it works, again, I dont see where to put in the settings and info.

Running Nagios 3.0


Hi Socom,
in contact definition you are setting “use” directive - for example “generic-contact”. In its own definition you set service and host notification commands - for example notify-service-by-email. This one needs to be defined as command which (in case on uni:evil: runs specific command and sends email filled with macro variables from Nagios installation. So all-in-all caontact command is defined in the same way as any other command in Nagios.

The same with messages - you need to specify what to run - many people buy service from different companies which provide them with API how to send SMS from their Nagios (or any other) environment.


where do I put my mail server information, the ingoing outgoing info?


if you run unix/linux this depends onm your setup - usually this is set-up on system widebasis and you need local SMTP server to send email from local host


well, my true email server is again windows… lol its an Exchange server. When I installed Nagios it had me install Mailx. I assume I need to do something with that for the emails to send out to my exchange server via SMTP… under contacts I do have the notify-service-by-email setup, as well as the email address I want to receive the emails.


Socom - I am at exactly the same place. I am trying to figure out where to set the email server in Nagios. It is a pretty obvious question but I have searched for several hours trying to find the answer. If you get it I would greatly appreciate being copied.




Socom - try this url - Marcel is correct above. You set this at a system level in unix. I am using Debian - this is the instruction for my install:

HTH - let me know.



Ok, found a site that had an answer… and it works :slight_smile:

The solution was to install the package ssmtp, and then point it to my smtp server in /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf. No need to set up postfix.


if still looking you can use alarmtilt ( ) to relay Nagios events to your mobile phone/fixed phone etc for email, SMS and voice (text-to-speech).

Although paying service, AlarmTILT exists now with plugin for Nagios, and costs only the cost of messages used (you can acquire them in pre-paid mode, about