Question 3: Windows Monitoring, Explorer.exe Problem


I have 7 windows servers being monitored. On 3 of them, I get:

Explorer CRITICAL 03-20-2008 14:53:51 0d 0h 43m 51s 3/3 Explorer.exe: not running

This seems to be on most of the time, however sometimes after a refresh it goes away. I log on to the machines, explorer.exe is running, I dont really understand this particular error and what it is trying to tell me.

Thanks again!

Running Nagios 3.0


Still having this problem, does anyone else have this issue? or know how to fix it?


[blockquote]sometimes after a refresh it goes away[/blockquote]

Does this mean after a nagios webpage refresh? If so, sounds like you have 2 nagios processes running. Sometimes this happens after using the ‘reload’ option. Stop nagios, killall -9 nagios, start nagios. See if that helps.




Thank you for the reply, I checked and only had the one process. However, just to be safe, I did it anyway, and same problem. I should also note, I have many windows servers being watched. The Explorer error happens on all machines, just at different times. I can not see any reason for this to happen.


I was tripping over this same error… This may be silly but I think it’s the answer… The example you followed (as did I) in setting up Nagios is probably a little joke on us windows admins :). You don’t need to monitor explorer.exe as it is the windows user interface that appears when you log in. That’s why the error alternates based on being logged in or not. Hah. You don’t need to monitor this unless you want to catch someone “logging” onto your computer.


As Mitcheloc said, explorer.exe is only running when someone’s logged into the box… On a Windows XP machine. My 2003 servers never give me a problem monitoring explorer.exe when no one is logged in. My Windows XP machines do. I can only assume that something I’ve got running as a process on the Server 2003 machines is keeping explorer.exe running, whereas my Windows XP client machines don’t.