Question re HostDependency.cfg


Hello Everbody!

I want to configure Dependencies between Hosts and Router/Switches, that when the router isn’t reachable anymore not all my colleagues become e-mails that theier servers behind are nocht reachable.

I’m configuring my Nagios with the Tool NagMIN 2.1.0.

I cofigured parants for all my hosts in the “Hosts.cfg” (via NagMIN Webinterface).

e.g. Router -> Switch -> Server.

Unfortunately I’m getting emails that the servers and theier services are unreachable if one router falls out furthermore.
In my “HostDependency.cfg” stands for e.g. the following:

define hostdependency {
host_name Server1
dependent_host_name Router1
notification_failure_criteria d,u

Actually it should only be “notification_failure_criteria d” (without “,u”).

The entry as shown above is automatically put into the "HostDependency.cfg"
when I specify parent for a Host in the “Hosts.cfg” (via NagMIN Webinterface).

Via NagMIN it is possible to make entries into the “HostDependency.cfg”.
When I make an manually entry without “,u” everything works fine.

How do I get the “,u” away?

Thanks for your help, in advance.

Best Regards



Sounds like a NagMIN problem, not nagios. Just do it by hand and set the notifiacation options as "d,r"
You only want an email when a host is down, or recovered, bet never for “unreachable”. Otherwise, you would be spammed with a thousand emails, depending on your network.