Queue notifications until "later"



I’m using Nagios 3.2.0 on a Solaris 10 Sparc system. I’ve set it up so, that I’m notified via SMS if certain services and/or hosts “fail”. The notification works fine.

I, however, do NOT want to be notified via SMS in the middle of the night, though. To accomplish that, I setup:

define timeperiod { timeperiod_name On-Call alias On Call times tuesday 7:00-22:00 ... }

My “SMS notification contact” is then assigned the “On-Call” timeperiod for the host_notification_period and service_notification_period.

This works as intended - SMS notifications aren’t send out between 22:00 and 07:00. If something happens in the night, no notification is sent out to this contact.

But it’s actually not quite what I want :wink:

I’m (now) looking for a way, to be notified “in the morning” (ie. after 07:00) about problems that occured (and are still current) in the night (ie. 22:00 → 07:00).

Is it possible to setup Nagios in such a way, that it “queues” all the notifications and sends them out “at a later time” (ie., in my case, at 07:00)?

Thanks a lot,


AFAIK nagios is not able to do this…

You could use a notification period, when the problem is still “Live” you’ll get an email every 30 minutes or so but you will then need to acknowledge the problem to avoid multiple notifications. not sure if it’s an option :slight_smile: