Quota violation


Running Nagios 3. We monitor a couple hundred Windows servers at various locations, using WMI checks. Five servers at one of the locations started receiving the following error for each check on the server - “CPU CRITICAL - Quota violation”, where the first part of the error would display for each of the checks on the server. If we restart the server, the message goes away, only to appear about a day later. Has anyone seen anything like this before?



Hey there,

Have you had a look at this?

Have you added any new checks recently? Try checking your memory before rebooting when it happens next time. Also try manually seeing if one of your checks is outputting too much stuff. You might have to run a debugger to see if something isn’t releasing all the memory it allocated after closing. Having the problem re-appear a couple days later suggests a memory leak of some sort in one of your checks, and eventually WMI throws a quota violation because it’s using more memory than it’s allowed