Reinstallation of Nagios with backup


I’m in a process of trashing the old servers and replacing them by new ones. Is there any way that I can backup the old data pertaining to Nagios from the old server and make it reflect in the new Nagios installation in the new server? It would be really hard to lose the data as it has become a integral part of the reporting system.

Thx in advance


Srid :slight_smile:

Just tar up /usr/local/nagios directory and you will have the whole thing. Except of course, the init and startup scripts.

Woah!! Is that it? :slight_smile:

Makes sense, doesn’t it? 99% of nagios is found in the tree under your nagios directory, /usr/local/nagios by default. The other 1% is where your startup scripts are, as jakkedup said.

I am, of course, assuming you installed from source, and not from the included files that are scattered about many directories in a number of Linux platforms.
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You most likely will have to recompile the plugins and nagios and the cgi’s etc, since it’s going to be a different platform/os/version/etc. But all you really care about anyway, are not having to make all the config files again, and plus you want to keep the archived log files, in the var/archive directory.