Remote 3rd party scripts


Hi Guys

so you guys have a little background information i have nagios up and running on a fedora VM this is working fine its monitoring the local host sending emails took a bit of head scratching but i got there in the end.

my problem now lies with configuring several 3rd party scripts mainly Python and VBS. i am monitoring several widows servers using the NSclient ++ which is working fine untill i try and use one of the scripts they just dont behave as i would expect. this is the script im currently trying to configure … ck/details but maybe there is a better alternative.

my questions are

is NSClient ++ the best tool to use i have seen NRPE mentioned but im not really too sure what it is or how i got about setting it up but my understanding it will allow me to run scripts remotely.

my enviroment is mainly windows checking services are running, HTTP, FTP etc are working fine with the NScleint++, what im trying to do is monitor a folder for new files and if they become x minutes old to create a warning and then a critical

ideally i would like to monitor all services etc and be able to run scripts and eventually get to the point were i can run a script in the event of a critical issue for example restart a service.

any help would be greatly appreciated on the best route to take