Remote Host output


We are planning to use Nagios within our system. I have read the NRPE.pdf document where there is a picture which shows the Monitoring Host and the Remote Linux Host. Currently there is a Nagios Server which is acting as a Monitoring Host. Our system will be the Remote Linux host. The document was very helpful in describing how to set up for both ends. My question is that will the NRPE daemon running on the Remote host provide and status information besides what it transmits back to the Monitoring Host.? Does it make a file for local viewing?

I hope I have made myself clear. As you can tell I am new to Nagios.



nrpe does not create a local file for viewing. It simply sits and waits for nagios to request it to run scripts, which it then returns the output of. It’s basically just a facility to run scripts on remote computers.


So is there any way for the Remote Linux machine to get its own status?

Can the Monitoring Host 'monitor" monitor itself to get its own status?

Thanks for the response