Replacement for Sentinix for pre-installed/pre-configured Na


A few years ago, we tried to install Nagios under a variety of Linux flavors and always ran into difficulty configuring it - largely because of our rather primitive Linux skills.

We stumbled across Sentinix (, which was the perfect solution as Nagios came preinstalled and configured to work with Apache and Nagat. We have configured monitoring for our local devices and it has served us well.

However, it appears that development of Sentinix has stopped and we were wondering if there was some similar Linux distribution or other solution where Nagios installation and web integration are somewhat “turnkey”. We’d very much like to move to a newer release than the Nagios 1.1 included in Sentinix.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


At this time, I’m using nagios 1.2 and have no desire to move to a newer version, since they are still in beta. I’ve installed and configured the beta’s just to help answer many of the questions posted here, but it’s simply not worth the effort.

I’ve installed nagios 1.2 using the documentation dozens of times, and each time, I find the documentation to be complete and not missing a thing.

There is no reason, if you have any linux ability at all, that you can’t install nagios 1.2 from source. It does mean, that you have to read and follow the docs though, there is no shortcuts. I still read the docs, and follow the step-by-step procedure’s. Good luck.