Replication Between Nagios Servers


Hello everybody,

I don´t have many experience in Nagios, but I need to implement this solution in my company and I found the following problem:

I have two different networks that have communication just by a firewall, one of this networks is a secure environment and don´t have external access like internet, beyond all traffic is controlled, I can grant just access to outbound connections from this network, inbound connection is not allowed.

I need to monitoring the servers of the both networks, I was wondering that the just way to do it is to install two Nagios, one of each network, but arose another problem:

How can I manage two Nagios servers in my environment, but using just one dashboard and one interface to see the health of all server and devices from two networks?

There´s some way to replicate data between Nagios from two network and obtain all information in just one interface?

As I talked before, I don´t have many skills in Nagios and don´t know all resources of this tool, neither know if it´s the best solution to this environment, please let me some suggestion that you have, my mind is free to accept new ideas and concepts.

Thank you for your attention.



NSCA is what you are looking for.

You set up the service checks on the main server as passive checks, the remote server excecutes the checks by itself and sends the results back to the main server thuis having a one way communication outbound of your “secure” environment.


Hello Luca,

I think that´s it exactly what I need to solve my problem, this is a good and really interesting tool.

I´ll explore more the features and try to discovery how to use.

Thank you so much for the tip.