Resetting of duration time when Status information changes



I’m using the SAP CCMS plugin with Nagios 3.0.1 on SuSe but I don’t think that has anything to do with my problem.

Some of the services will always show CRITICAL but the System information (plugin_output parameter) message might change.
What I want to achieve is that the duration (how long the service has been in that state) is also reset when the System Information is changed even though the Status is still CRITICAL.

I have made my own HTML table with PHP that show the services in order red, yellow, green and within each color they are again sorted on the duration time. I have an alert message showing if there is a service which has been reported CRITICAL within the last ten minutes. But this happens of course only when the State changes and not when the Status changes.

I know about the is_volatile and stalking_options, but this only seems to do stuff on the logging side. Maybe there is something I’ve missed here?

Thanks for a great program!