Resetting Stats


Hi there!

I’ve been happily running Nagios at work for over a week, but I got a certain itch that’s bothering me and I cannot seem to figure out.

I installed Nagios on June 26. Did some tests, notifications arrived as nagios@domain… but I wanted notifications to arrive with a different name, so I recompiled nagios on July 1st and configured hosts with NSClient.

Now, When I do all-time trend reports, it gives me this huge period from June 26 until July 1st. that says status ‘undetermined’ for all hosts, and July 1st to July 3rd all UP. I don’t like this, and want my All-Time trend reports to start on July 1st so they say Up 100%.

Question is, How do I reset, or fix the trend reports so that when I do an All-Time report that starts on a specific date (Jul 1st). Note: I don’t mean the custom reports where you specify a time range.



i think you just have to wait a few days for Nagios to built up some consistant data which it will then use to display trends and once some of the trending is shoing then you can do more custom views.
Until the data builds up there is some functions that dont display. My basic understanding anyway.