Restrict service alerts in web interface


Hello My Nagios Gurus,

I have finally got the check_windows_updates to run correctly. I am looking for a way to configure this for informational purposes only via Service Group(s) and not to have the web interface show that the service is in a critical state. We are on top of Microsoft’s monthly update nightmare and don’t need to be remind of the fact that there are “x” pending updates. This is more for management’s perception seeing a real problem/outage rather than we are two months behind.

I tried several things, but no look, they still show as critical. Maybe this can not be done. That is why am coming to the group which I know has much more experience with both Nagios and Linux.

Thanks in advance for any help and/or ideas!


I found a solution. I am not a programmer in any way, shape or form, but was able to modify the VB script not to mark the pending updates as a warning or critical. Thanks to those who at least took a peek.