Return code of 127 is out of bounds

i am trying to build a nagios monitoring system here , the installation part went fine ( followed the quickstart fedora guide) … i added one windows system and it shows up fine as well… however when i try to monitor ESX its giving me trouble… i am trying to use a plugin called check_openmanage to queiry dell openmanage service… the host shows up fine however the service says " return of 127 is out of bounds , plugin might be missing ", btw i am trying to use snmp …

  • the plugin works locally , even using nagios user account
  • opened snmp ports , able to get packet numbers using MIB browser remotely.
  • since its ESX , i couldnt install the plugins using a source code ( no compilers and its dependancies, hence i used .rpm package… and due to that my default location of the plugin is not /usr/local/nagios/libexec ( all forums discuss about this path :confused: ) , instead my plugins are located at /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins . i have given permission for nagios user to this folder and also have updated this path while declaring command in commands.cfg ( i dont deny chances of mistakes here)
  • also since i installed SNMP after the plugin, all the forums asks to recompile the plugin source once again , however nobody talks about installing from a package (.rpm) does that matter ??? , i cant compile a source code, coz i dont have the c compilers installed in ESX , and trying to install that is leading to a long route of dependancies, which conflicts with the running ESX … any workaround…

I am Kinda stuck here for a long time …anything i should try next . i am novice to both nagios and linux, and there might be a hundred things which i might have missed out…
Thanks for the Help

Could you post the command as it is now? That way someone might spot the wrong put comma or something like that :slight_smile:
Also you might want to look at That worked wonders for me. Just create an account withing Vsphere with read rights and you are setup.