Rotating Status Maps based on user login

I have been using Nagios for a couple of years now. I am about to open a new datacenter with a full blown NOC. I want to dedicate one of my projection screens to Nagios, but would like a little more readable map as mine has over 500 hosts on it. Thus I thought I could limit the view based on a user login (which I know is doable), but with a twist. Has anyone tried or have any idea how the following scenario could/would be accomplished?

I would like to display my Status Map only (without the side menu) based on a user’s login. I want that map to be displayed for X amount of seconds, then for that user to be logged off and the next one to be logged in and that map to be displayed for X amount of seconds… and so on.

I know doing this is considered fairly dangerous, as far as security is concerned, but my Nagios server is sitting behind Virtual Firewall on my Cisco 7609, in a private network, thus I’m not terribly worried about it.

Thanks for the assistance.


I suppose you could setup apache to allow only 1 connection at a time. But what if the person wants to look at the status map for more that x seconds? Seems like an extremely peculiar idea.

I was thinking of a seperate page to accomplish this, not affecting the regular use of the nagios built-in site.

I’m just looking for a viewing solution that will auto scroll through all of my sites, showing only those hosts that are specific to a particular location, making them easier to read, and less confusing to a casual observer (like someone on a tour of the facility).

Create a html page, with links for all of the sites. Each site has a url of
siteAor whatever/nagios/cgi-bin/statusmap.cgi?host=all
Create a user for each site. Login to the first site, and clik “remember my password”.
Now click on the other site links.

I have this working if anyone is interested. I have setup the script so that it will enable you to determine the number of different views you want to scroll through, how long it will show a particular view, and how long you want it to scroll. This is a perfect way to scroll through large nagios setups, making the maps much more readable by users.

It’s quite clean. If anyone wants it, let me know and I’ll make it downloadable.


I would love to see this!

Additionally, I would to have the map not update on regular intervals. We were doing a demo for a customer, and the screen kept updaing…very annoying.

I want the problem views and map views to have different refresh cycles.

OK, I’ll put together something distributable tonight. I’ll also look into a way to keep the refresh from occuring.


Looking forward to it!


Mike B.