Round robin alerts notification


i have around 50 servers and my nagios is working perfect but now i want to send notification as per timings like in the morning one person is on duty so i want to send notifications regarding all the servers to that guy and in night to other guy who is on night duty. One way to do is to have different timeperiod in the timeperiods.cfg but if i go that way i need to add same server double to thrice. Any easier way to do this. Help me out


can’t you add both users to the same usergroup and define different timepriods for the single user?



i m thinking to do this way like i will have three timeperiods one for 24x7 2nd for 1st support guy and 3rd for 2nd support guy. Services are gng to be checked 24x7 but notification as per time. Do u think this will work???


i think it’s worth a try :slight_smile:



no its not working if i put the same time period its giving the notification but if i put 2nd its not sending. But i really have to do this. do you have any other idea what to do now??


hey its working actually i was trying to set the timing wrong. I want 12 hrs shift lets say from 7 to 19 and then 19 to 7. That was creating problems if i put 24 instead of 7 in last its working perfect.