RTP packets capture with Wireshark


Hello everyone!

For a project that I have to submit, I have to perform a streaming
among 2 computers (with RTP protocol) using VLC media player, and then
capture the packets with Wireshark in order to evaluate eventual packet
losses. I have got two questions:

  • As a first step I tried to use the same computer both for sending
    and for receiving the stream: I opened the RTP network stream on
    another window of VLC media player and the video is effectively shown.
    However Wireshark captured the transmitted/received packets, but it
    shows them in the log file as a list of UDP packets (layer 4 instead of
    layer 7) and I can’t have access to any sequence number and,
    consequently, I can’t find out anything about eventual packet losses.
    How can I set up Wireshark in order to have displayed the protocol used
    at layer 7 instead or 4? Or anyway, how can I have displayed the RTP
    sequence of packets instead of the UDP ones?

  • Alternatively do anyone know any ACTIVE source of online streaming
    that broadcasts using RTP protocol and that would allow me to perform a
    capture of RTP packets? It would be ok also with RTSP: in other words I
    need to obtain a Wireshark log file with some consecutive sequence
    numbers in order to evaluate the packet losses

Thanks a lot for your answers!