Running a DB2 query


We are in the process of moving our monitoring system from ipMonitor on a Windows server to Nagios on an Ubuntu server.

Within ipMonitor, we used to run some SQL queries on our DB2 server; just a few SELECT queries.

Is there a way to implement just this in Nagios? I’ve seen some plugins that do much more than this but we’re not looking to monitor user connections, buffer use, etc. We just want to run a few queries and get the numerical result.

Thanks so much for any help offered!

a shell script run by check_by_ssh ?


I am writing a set of Nagios plugins for DB2. You can use my template in order to create your own plugin ( … r/template)

However, I will create another one, just for your case: Receives a query, execute the query; if there is a problem -> Unknown, if no problem, compares the only value with critical and warning. If multiples values returned (multiple rows, multiple columns) return unknown.