SAP checks


Hi, i’ve been lurking around to find options to check SAP.

From the standar plug-ins there is a check_sap that calls a sapinfo binary, but i hadn’t found it in the implementation of SAP ( R/3 ) that i’ve got.

The other way i’ve found is to use CCMS plug ins.
Strangely they are not longer populated in sourceforge.

Searching for them i’ve reached a version 0.7.2, but only binaries for Suse Linux. :S.

Nagios is over Debian (sarge).

Has anyone tested these plug ins?
Or experienced monitoring SAP with Nagios?

Thanks in advance.


If it’s an RPM you can use alien to make it a Deb package.
If not you can always check for running processes.



Ok, have you tried this plug ins?


no. not using sap…