Securing Nagios Authorization


Hi!, I was wondering if I could secure Nagios users to viewing only specific aspects of the nagios web interface. Example only allowing users in the windows-admins group to view windows host and only allowing Unix admins view of Unix machines and nothing more. Could this be done?



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It appears to me a user will only see the items for which they have been included as a contact. That is if you haven’t also added them to the ‘authorized_’ anything fields in cgi.cfg.

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Hi, since I have the same requirement… did someone get a solution on this? Has someone got this to work?



Yes this can be done and Aivan was on the right track.

You create a contact with the alias being the same as the users login to nagios.
Then in cgi.cfg add a line like this:

authorized_for_[host group]_hosts=[user/alias]

(eg authorized_for_WINDOWS_hosts=bob

This will then give the user/alias “bob” access to the hosts in host group “WINDOWS”.