Security of Windows servers with Nagios client running



I have Nagios client version 1.02 (ReleaseDate = “10.02.2002”)

How do I secure windows servers with Nagios client running (and I don’t mean chenging port and password). Since the client doesn’t send configured information and only answers questions it’s possible to ask it to give me hole contents of the C: drive. Further more If I run two Nagios servers in my network I can ask Windows machines from both of them - is it possible to configure Nagios client to listen not only on the specified port but laso only from specified IP’s? Next question is can I run Nagios client as a restricted user not as a system process?

If you have any papers, links etc regarding this, or you have any experience with securing Nagios, please share this knowlage.



firewalling… limiting ports by IP is the only idea i get.
As for running the service under a differetn user i think it is possible from the services page in WIndows… (at least it was possible :smiley: )