send_nsca time out issue over internet



Has anyone used send_nsca to send a message from a remote nagios server to a central server and have time out issues once in awhile?

The remote nagios server, has a service on localhost that basically runs send_nsca at the normal check interval (5 mins) that sends the servers status to central nagios server. Message contains # of critical, # warnings, # OK services. Freshness checks marks it down after 30 mins on central server.

I’ve already adjusted the -to timeout option on the send_nsca command to be 60 seconds but it still timed out, so I adjust nagios.cfg service_check_timeout to be like 200 seconds and adjusted the -to option to 150.

I’m only having this problem with one remote server with 450 service checks and over site-to-site VPN to central location. I have about 5 other remote servers which have 2-3 dozen checks on them not having this problem. All of them have same setup and using same check command script for this function.

I’m just wondering if anyone has any other ideas on how to tweak the timing of this or if there is a send_nsca log/debug option to see where it is getting hung up? The particular server is not having issues with other service checks timing out, but I also adjusted the server so the max # of concurrent checks is set to 150 but still had this happen.

Using NSCA 2.7.2