Sending sms with Nagios


I want to send sms from Nagios, I look around a lot of articles but I don’t want use sms gateway website and I cann’t use a GSM gateway such as SmsFoxBox and I cann’t connect directly a gsm to Nagios. So I think use voip to send SMS because the company where I work has an alcatel oxo and a linksys voip / rtc spa-3102 gateway. And it’s here where i’ve a problem, I don’t know how send sms with nagios. I 'm think taking a softphone who’s support SIP, register it in the oxo or gateway (I don’t who’s is in charge of the registreation) and then tell Nagios to use the softphone, but I don’t know how to do this.

Otherwise will there any solution more easy to implement ?

Thank you per advance.

(Srry for my bad english, i’m French)


Step 1 is to find out how to send a sms over the softphone from command line.
I am guessing you cant get any help here on that.

Step 2 is easer. Just create a new command like the email command but replace mail with the sms command you put together in step1.

You could go for sms over skype instead. There is a few guides on the google.