Service checks in hosts.cfg?



I have been working with Nagios for a couple of days now and I’m just beginning to understand the principle of the config (.cfg) files.
I understand that you create a service (let say Ping) and put all your hosts (or hostgroups) in there that you want to check with ping.

But is it also possible to define these checks in the hosts.cfg file??
So I would become something like this:

define host{
host_name       server1
alias           Linux server 1
contact_groups  network_team
checks          check_ping, check_load, check_snmp     <--- This line

This would make more sense to me, because if you got over a 100 hosts to check, and you don’t want to do it with a hostgroup, then all these host most be in the services.cfg on one line (do I got this right?).

Please comment on this.