Service Cluster


Hi all. It’s been a while since I’ve been here, and the forums have changed on me! But it looks good.

I have a configuration question. I have two SQL servers that are clustered. On each of these servers, I am running a check for the MSSQLSERVER service. However, as you might imagine, one of them always shows as down. Is there a way to have to check and make sure at least one of the two is up? How would I configure that? Service dependency? Make them interdependent? I’m not sure, but I thought I’d at least ask, make sure I’m on the right track.



What check are you using now?
Is there a “normal” atate?
We have a setup where oracle will “normally” run, on systemX, and if that fails, it will then automatically run on systemY.
So, I run the same check on both, but on Y, I specify that there should be no proc running, via the -w and -c options.
If there is a proc running on X, then we get an OK. If there is NO proc running on Y, we get an OK. if visa versa, then we get a critical for both, but the Y output, does show a proc running, which in reality is a good thing, but it’s not the “normal” state, so we WANT this to show critical.


Right now I’ve got NSClient doing the check, so it’s check_nt_service!MSSQLSERVER.

There is no true “normal”, because it alternates, especially after a reboot.

Say I’ve got the proc running on X right now, but after I restart both of the servers, the proc stops running on X and starts running on Y. The only real “normal” function is that it’s running on either one. If it’s not running on either, then that’s the critical state.