Service Detail problem


I seem to be having an intermittent issue with Nagios, and I am not sure where it is coming from. I currently have Nagios monitoring 24 hosts, and 77 services. Sporadically, under the Service Status totals, the ‘All Types’ column will indicate that there are ony 55 services, but if I refresh the page, it will show all 77. Something else I noticed while writing this post, sometimes when I go into the Host Detail section, there are several hosts that indicate they are in ‘Pending’ status, but if I refresh the page, they show they are up. I am using Nagios v2.03b. Can anyone help me solve this?

Thanks in advance!


you possibly have two instances of nagios running.
stop nagios, wait a minute, ps -ef | grep nagios and kill the remaining processes then restart nagios and check if everything is ok :slight_smile:



I think you are right - there were two instances running, and I never thought to check that. I’ll keep an eye on it, but at least for the moment it appears to be behaving itself.

Thank you very much!!!


to me it usually happens when i often restart nagios while making changes in the config files… so i always kill everytihng when finsihed editing :slight_smile: