Service gets stuck in warning state


Nagios version 3.0.4 running on GNU/Linux from oracle

check_http triggered an HTTP WARNING: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request. I did an “Acknowledge this service problem”, later on the problem has been fixed. Nagios will not change the state from Warning. Manually running check_http against the server returns “HTTP OK HTTP/1.1 200 OK”.

Doing a manual “Submit passive check result for this service” changes the state from Warning to normal until the check runs again automatically, causing the service to go into flapping. :smiley:

How do I reset this and make nagios recognize the new state?


when the check runs automatically again it gets a warning again? looks like something wrong in the config…


Yes, when check__http runs automatically, it always gets a warning. This all started yesterday on the server when there was a real problem. The problem is now fixed, other servers are not showing this problem. This config has been working for months.


check the config for the check_http command, possibly something changed and your last month working config isn’t correct anymore for some reason… not sure how complicated the setup is :slight_smile: