Service group details


So I searched for this briefly, but since the search terms are going to be vague, I didn’t really get any relevant hits.
What I am trying to do is display something like a servicegroup overview or service group grid, however I would like to see the details of the service groups.
I will use server uptime as an example. I have 65 servers that I am monitoring right now. When I go to the “service status details” for host screen, I am shown all of the services and the details for that particular host. It is shown in the status detail box on the far right. I would like to be able to look at the uptime of all 65 servers at one time.
This will actually be even more helpful when looking at hard drive space and cpu usage.
I know I can go through each server and look at them one by one, but going through 65 servers at a time for each service can get very tedious. We are also about to add another 40 virtual servers next month so this will become even more cumbersome.

Thanks for any help.


Yep, Service Groups are the way forward here, i.e. put all your ‘Uptime’ service checks in one service-group, your disk-usage checks in another, your cpu checks in a third, and so on. You can then look at the “Service Status Details” view for the group in question and it shows you the status detail on the right just as it would in the Status Detail view for an individual host, but for all the services in the group.

Just been through this excercise myself and it’s a boatload easier to compare and contrast things when they are all next to each other.




Hmm, I don’t seem to have a “Service Status Detail” listing. Is it on the left side control panel or do I have to dig around to find it?
Under Monitoring I have:
Tactical Overview
Service Detail
Host Detail
Hostgroup Overview
Hostgroup Summary
Hostgroup Grid
Servicegroup Overview
Servicegroup Summary
Servicegroup Grid
Status Map
3-D Status Map

but nothing about service status detail. Service details shows all services from all hosts. I have all my service groups setup and working correctly already.



It’s a bit of a click-fest TBH

After clicking on, say, “Servicegroup Summary” on the LHS menu, that’ll give you a list of your service groups, host status summary and service status summary in a little table. If you click either a servicegroup long name or short name hyperlink in the first column, you’ll get another page labelled "Service Overview For Service Group " and in the upper left of the frame, under the “Current Network Status” box, you should have four links, like
[blockquote]View Service Status Detail For This Service Group
View Status Summary For This Service Group
View Service Status Grid For This Service Group
View Status Overview For All Service Groups[/blockquote]if you clicked the longname link, or
[blockquote]View Status Detail For This Servicegroup
View Status Overview For This Servicegroup
View Status Grid For This Servicegroup
View Availability For This Servicegroup[/blockquote]if you clicked the shortname link.

Either way, it’s the top link you are looking for… (lord only knows why the links are not named the same on these 2 pages when they open the same view…)

failing that, try yada.yada.yada/nagios/cgi-bin/st … vicegroup=&style=detail


That got it. Thank you. Wow, that is kind of a pain to get to, bot at least I can do it when needed now.



heh, yeah… but worth the trip :frowning: