Service hierarchy - ONE alarm message


Hi all,
how can I build service hierarchy? I mean how can I organize services in a tree so when upper one fails I do NOT get alarm for services bellow. Just one alarm for parent service.

Example: Each host has a PING test. When host goes down I get many alerts for all services on that host. I want to get just one - PING FAILED.

Any advice, tutorial, link, … appreciated.

Thank in advance,


I’m working on the same problem actually. In my case, it’s not just services, but I have “virtual” servers under the primary host. When the main host dies, I get as many as 30 alerts.

If you happen to get a fix please let me know.


After a while I got the time and I found this in documentation:
Host and Service Dependencies: … ncies.html
Template-Based Object Configuration: … .html#host

It seems to me that the parents host option is a good start.

I haven’t got time to check it.
Hope this helps to the others.