Service notification_period Problem?


I am having trouble getting Nagios 2.3 to truly treat the notification_period different from the check_period for a service. I am using the default 24x7 check_period which works without issue. However, I am trying to create a window of a few hours in the morning where, even if a service even is triggered, it will not send out a notification. However, it still continues to send our alerts on the 24x7 schedule. Am I missing something obvious in the definition? Are others able to do this successfully?

Much thanks in advance.

define service{
host_name monitorbosin02
service_description TEST Oracle Archive log Gap between orabosin01 and orasheq01
check_command check_oracle_arch_gap!orabosin01!oraasheq01.asheq!3!5
max_check_attempts 1
normal_check_interval 5
retry_check_interval 1
check_period 24x7
notification_interval 5
notification_period 22x7Oracle
notification_options u,c,r
contact_groups operations
define timeperiod{
timeperiod_name 22x7Oracle
alias 22x7Oracle
sunday 00:00-02:00,09:30-24:00
monday 00:00-02:00,09:30-24:00
tuesday 00:00-02:00,09:30-24:00
wednesday 00:00-02:00,09:30-24:00
thursday 00:00-02:00,09:30-24:00
friday 00:00-02:00,09:30-24:00
saturday 00:00-02:00,09:30-24:00


I see that you have defined a service check to use this period. But are your notificatios for a host or service being down? If it’s for a host, then that is why. You need to use that period for the host definition also.


The host remains up, and it is specifically just for the notifications for the service itself that is being problematic. If I define the check_period with the same timeperiod, it skips that period correctly. However, the notification_period does not seem to be overriding the check_period from my experiments with this and a few other services.