Service packet loss problem


Hello, I’m running nagios 3.0.5 on Gentoo Linux and I have some question about configuration. I have approximatelly 100 hosts and I have ping service.


  1. Where to set up number of packets during each check and how many is the ideal value for service check ?
  2. I have requlary reported packet loss of 16% of all my hosts, I check it manualy with ping, and it’s ok, view my screenshot ???

Thank you for your advices !


By default the number of packets are set to 5. Anyhow, you can change that to whatever youwish in check_ping command definition by adding the -p switch.
Try to run the check_ping plugin from the terminal:
/path/to/check_plugin --help
and it will show you all of the options. Try to execute it from the terminal then with the regular host and see what response do you get.

5 is ok to determine the ping reachability of the host.

If you have continuos packet loss then it could be related to your nagios server and it’s overload or heavy network traffic.