Servicedependency check question


I have the following servicedependency defiined:

define servicedependency{
host_name host-a
service_description custome_service
dependent_host_name host-b,host-c
dependent_service_description custom_service
execution_failure_criteria c,u
notification_failure_criteria w,u,c


I have quetions regarding execution_failure_criteria and

For execution_failure_criteria, if I am reading it right it should say:
“If the status of master service check on host-a is critical or
unknown, then don’t bother checking the dependency”.

For notitication_failure_criteria, if the master service is in the
following state “w,u,c”, then don’t alert on dependency service. At
this point, I assumed the alert is sent for the master service check on
host-a only (I am not sure). Would the dependency services gets
alerted if the master service check in an “o” state? What I want is
only one notification from the service that fail.