Serviceextinfo: why in the world?

I’ve been readin up on the somewhat more advanced Nagios topics and that has me baffled are the Service Extended Information definitions.

The Nagios documentation sets the template for these definitions as follows.

define serviceextinfo{
host_name host_name
service_description service_description
notes note_string
notes_url url
action_url url
icon_image image_file
icon_image_alt alt_string

What I was wondering is the following: why in the world do we use the “service_description” parameter to define the service in question? Why the heck don’t we simply use the “service_name” param from the services.cfg file? :shock:

This has me quite confuzzled and some explanation would be very welcome :slight_smile:



If i didn’t understand it wrong service_name is a nagios internal name (for template reuse) whiole the description is unique to thet service…

in fact i have all my services defined as service_descriptuion. the only service_name is my generic-service template.


Aw fsck!

I made confuzzled myzelf! :smiley: Without thinking I’d assumed that “service_name” is the name of the parameter I was thinking about. In parallel to “host_name” and “hostgroup_name” and so on.

I’d never stopped to think that that assumption was wrong :smiley:

You’re absolutey right Luca: “service_description” is what I was thinking of! When i first read that name I’d assumed it referred to the comment field.

As the japanese say: atashi-wa baka desu! :3

Thanks for waking me up.

atashi-wa baka desu!
and what does that mean? :smiley:

Anyway i had to check my configuration files… it is a bit “counter-intuitive” to say the least :smiley:

Ciao, Luca

Literally it means “I’m stupid!”. And yeah… “couter-intuitive” is the word that applies :slight_smile: