Setting up non HP printers


Hello all,

I apologize if this information is posted elsewhere… If it is, I haven’t been able to find it yet.

Basically, I have 4 Ricoh printers that I’d like to monitor. They don’t HP jet direct, so I’m unsure of how to set this up. Any advice to point me in the right direction would be appreciated


You could try to search for MIBs for Ricoh printers or any other MIBs that Ricoh printers could handle and then do snmp queries from Nagios to printer and get the information you want.


Any progress with this?

I’m a total noob, what are MIB’s/SNMP?




Thank you luca!


do you have any examples of printers that are non-HP?



no, you should try from the producers website. Or check if with snmpwalk you can find interesting values, can be quite a tedious trial and error work…




thought this may help other newbs