Show service: - is there a way to display one service accros


Nagios has a very useful search tool for hosts. You enter the hostname and you can see all the services associated with it. Has anyone come up with a hack where you can do the same thing with the service description?

For instance, when we upgrade the nsclient++, we put in a check for the client version, but I have to look at every host to see the value. It would be nice if I could enter my service description and then see the value for that service on all hosts.




That’s what the servicegroups are used for


Could you not just put all your client version checks into a single service group and look at that?

Heh - Albin beat me to it…


I’ve used your Toolbox :wink:


I realize I could create a service group and have already created several. It’s just a lot less convenient.

For hosts, you have the option of creating a hostgroup, or just entering a hostname in the “show host;” field and jumping to it. I was hoping someone made the same thing for a service


Sounds like you are volunteering :slight_smile: