Simplify Windows client and NSCA use


Hi all,

I played around with Nagios the last week and i am really impressed with the detailed configuration options.
At this moment i am a BigBrother user, but due to legal reasons i had to switch to a non-commercial product as replacement.

I would like to provide some feedback to the Nagios developers via this medium.
If you really want to adress a broader audience and use of Nagios please simplify the installation of NSCA and the windows client (make a simple config-gui for example on the windows system where you only have to fill out a few checkboxes).

It took me 1 day to sort out how this exactly works and get it actually working by fiddling around in the scripts.

If this stuff was put in he distro with a dummy-proof installation procedure the acceptance of the Nagios would be much higher! (Not everyone is nerdish enough to like this kind of bit-digging or /nor has the time to do it).

I hope i contributed something to the well-beeing of this project.
My 5 eurocents…:frowning:

Grz. Johan


I doubt any developers will see this forum, let alone post’s within it.