Siwtch 3com plugin

Hello everyone! I’m working in a traineeship, which focuses on monitoring network equipments, such as a switch 3com and by using Nagios/Centreon. What’s more, is that I couldn’t find a suitable plugin for my switch 3com that would supervise its CPU and memory. Well, it’s true that there is the check_3com_health plugin, but I get a message error while testing it, linked to a certain Perl/YAML configuration.
So now, I’m searching another one and I hope that you could help me guys finding one ^^.

And by the way, I was able to add an interface status service in Centreon, however no graph is generated :(, can someone tell me to do in order to get the graph?

late reply, but whatever…

no idea about centreon, but you should be able to get any info from the switch using check_snmp.