SNMP traps to CA Spectrum

I am successfully sending SNMP traps to CA Spectrum from Nagios.
I have had the Spectrum admins add the Nagios MIB’s to their system, however, When I get anything from Spectrum, it only lists the info as coming from the Nagios server and has no identity of the host causing the event that sent the trap.
This is how I am sending the trap:

/usr/bin/snmptrap -v 2c -c community spectrum host ‘’ NAGIOS-NOTIFY-MIB::nHostEvent nHostname s “test” nHostStateID i 0 nHostOutput s "OK"
Should Nagios be sending this differently, or is this an issue with the Spectrum config?

Hi 5ft24,

I am about to assist a team do the same. I’m researching for any issues we may come into and I am wondering if you resolved this issue and if so how?

Your reply will be much appreciated!