I am trying to find a plugin that will let me enter the whole snmp string into checkcommands.cfg.
That would be fairly easy to do with a rather small script looking something like: “snmpget $1 $2”.
The problem is that my RedHat9 doesn’t have the command snmpget.
Rumours tells me that there should be a second command called snmpwalk which also is absent from my system.

I was wondering if someone would be able to tell me if I am missing a package and in that case which package?




not sure on RH, on Debian the package is called snmpd.
And if it’s installed compiling the plugins gives the check_snmp plugin :wink:
Anyway hte best place is probably:



You need to install net-snmp-utils. That will give you both snmpget, and snmpwalk as well as few other things. (yum install net-snmp-utils, or up2date -i net-snmp-utils, or download the tar ball and do it manually which is the better choice IMHO). snmpwalk is great for seeing what MIBs are installed on a device with snmpget for finer tuning.