Solving user rights issue - Schedule Downtime / Event Log

I’m struggling with user rights issue regarding Schedule Downtime and Event Log.

I have 4 test users created, each one assigned to a host of their own. At the moment users are able to monitor only hosts assigned to them. Unfortunately all hosts available in the system are clearly visible in the Schedule Downtime and Event Log for all users. Unassigned user can’t really schedule a check for a host of not their own, but the visibility still remains. How to restrict access in a way that user1 can only see the host1 data related to downtime scheduling and event log?

I’m stuck, yet I’m not looking for a solution; a small point in the right direction would be great.

Thank you,

These are my users cgi.cfg settings:

authorized_for_system_commands=admin,admin,[email protected], [email protected]
authorized_for_system_information=admin,admin,[email protected], [email protected]m