Sony VAIO W Netbook?

I want to get a netbook for my work and would like to surf on the internet when I’m on public transports, but I don’t know much about netbooks, I wonder if you guys could have any recommendations to me please? Which one should I choose? Sony? Samsung? Fujitsu? And where can I buy it for a good price?

hi…i wanna know also how much it cost…maybe someday i can buy it…

I have using Sony vaio laptop for my office work. But if you want to buy netbook so It is very nice but Very expensive. You know I just got 6 hours battery back up form my vaio laptop, Its having very nice feature so you can very easy to operate. I have Sony vaio motion eye.

I also agree with you expansive but instead of that it provides may good features and utility so you can enjoy your work and make it easy also and gives royal look .

Sony is the best, in both style and features.

Sony is really nice brand but now a days there are so many brands which are making nice and quality laptops. But as per my knowledge Apple is at the top and its all products are the best one also. You can choose apple’s macbooks or airbook. If you are looking to buy only sony’s netbook then you can choose anyone of the business series.