Sound notifications


I need help to configure nagios to send alarm (critical.wav, hostdown.wav…) notifications rather than email. How can I set up this? Do I need to download something?


just open the console in a webbrowser… it will alert you if there’s a warning or critical… every minute, when the page reloads.



Please explain what do you mean by “console in a webbrowser”.

What I want nagios to do is to alarm me using a speaker attached to the computer if there’s a critical in our network. Ex. a host is unreachable. I should hear the critical.wav in my speaker…

How will I able to achieve this?


If the nagios main webpage is open in a browser and there’s a critical or warning you will hear a sound for warning or critical every minute.



that is not the case for me. I dont hear any wav when a host is down…Im using mozilla browser. do i need to use another browser to emulate the critical wav?


trying with another browser would have been faster than asking it here don’t you think? :slight_smile:

I think IE works te sound correctly… not sure how it has to be setup in mozilla… i disabled sounds.



You also have to ensure that cgi.cfg is configured properly for sound alerts and that the sound files are in the right directory /share/media (I believe)


sorry for not posting these infos much earlier.

Yes, I have tried mozilla, netscape and firefox but still I dont hear the alarm sound when a host is critical. Additional, I enable the wav files in cgi.cfg and there are all in /usr/local/nagios/share/media folder. Any other ideas?

Thanks for your suggestions!


problem resolved. I needed to install mozilla plugins. thnaks


specifically what mozilla plugins did you have to install.



mozplugger. Just use yum to install it.