Split configuration to more maps?



is somehow possible to split status map in configuration to more maps to get better lucidity?

I have many stations in map and it’s really mess in that map. But I can imagine, how to split this map to more sectors. Just don’t know, how to configure that in Nagios and if it is possible… I’ve worked with hostsgroups too, but the result isn’t sufficient.

Thank for any useful help! Advices like that Nagios is opensource and I should do it myself aren’t userful :frowning:

Thank you a lot! Pavel


I’m not aware of any existing sollution to just split the map or make more then one map, but then again if you setup your configuration so it hierarchicaly makes sense then it shouldn’t be so messy on the map.
If you have several segments of the network then just make the hierarchy with the parent/child relationships and the map should be more comprehendable then.


Hello Albin,
structure of network is OK and configuration of parent/child responses to that… The problem is that I have central router (with running Nagios) - this router has ca. 15 children (this is OK) - but - in 3rd floor of this tree - in every child of central-router can be (and realy are) up to 48 children. So in 3rd floor I have 15*48 children and sometimes there is 4th floor as well. Therefor is my map (in Circular Marked Map) pretty messy, because the circle isn’t large enought and each child has only a few fixels to show its status - when you try to find clickable position of any child, it is almost unpossible.

I want to split this map to those 15 segments - each with 48 children and those 48 children sometimes have another children - but this is not my problem :frowning:
Thanks a lot for understanding…


Uuuu, yes, that is a pretty big hierarchy for Nagios map. I don’t really know how to split it so it could be drawn in a nicer way. Sorry for not helping but maybe somebody else knows how to get the large maps look good. I don’t, i could suggest that you could use Balanced tree map, just for the hosts to be visible.