Splunk For Nagios released


Hi All :slight_smile:

I am pleased to announce version 1.0 of SplunkForNagios :slight_smile:

SplunkForNagios has been developed to present events from the Open Source monitoring solution “Nagios” in Splunk, giving you the added ability to correlate problems in your environment and even trigger alerts from Splunk to Nagios. Over 40 field extractions are included with SplunkForNagios, as well as 6 saved searches, and an advanced dashboard featuring recent Warning and Critical Alerts.

Download SplunkForNagios: splunkbase.com/apps/All/4.x/ … kForNagios

Feedback welcome :slight_smile:



sounds interesting. :slight_smile:
Not using nagios for work right now so i really don’t need it, but i’ll keep it in mind…