Status.cgi Display Filters Heading


Hi, does anyone know of a way using url parameters to remove the grey box which shows the Display Filter options for the current request?

I have found the &noheader option, but that still leaves this box and if I can get rid of it, the page is reduced to just the bare data which I need.

Sorry of this has been dealt with before, but I tried searching and there are too many hits on status.cgi so it returns nothing.



hmm, it’s not ‘switch-off-able’ in a conventional sense as far as I can tell. You will have to have a word with the source code and recompile… specifically either mess about with if statement at the begining of show_filters in status.c and see if you can work out what you need to add to remove the grey box from the particular view you are interested in, or alternatively get rid of the contents of show_filters completely… recompile and copy status.cgi over your original, and robert may very well be your father’s brother…

[quote]void show_filters(void){
int found=0;

    /* show filters box if necessary */
    **if**(host_properties!=0L || service_properties!=0L || host_status_types!=all_host_status_types || service_status_types!=all_service_status_types){


Back up your original .c and .cgi file before messing with them!
That’s my best guess anyhow. I should point out that it’s not something I have ever had cause to do, so this is suggestion is all theoretical




Thanks Strides, I’ll have a look. Alternatively I have found a few references to a “ministatus.cgi” but can’t find where to get it from or what it looks like. I don’t suppose you know?



Hmm, not come accross that before… I do appear to have a ministatus.css stylesheet, but all I can find on ministatus.cgi web-wise would seem to be quite aged, as if it had maybe been deprecated - it seems it used to be optionally compileable (if that’s even a word) at one stage from the contrib folder, but looks like the source has gone. Maybe if somone else knows more they will pipe up.

The other thing that occured to me was to write a kind of wrapper script page for it that maybe just gets rid of that table - something that takes status.cgi as the input then outputs lines 1 to whenever the table starts, skips on a bit, then outputs the rest…