Status map output problems


I’m trying to get the Nagios status map to output in a useable format. First, when I use the Circular (Marked Up) option, the hosts are clustered together so closely that the hosts overlap and I cannot read the text clearly. Is there a way to set the arc (for lack of a better term) larger so I can read the map clearly?

Also, I created a User-supplied coords map using It does the trick, but I was wondering if there was a way to make red/down hosts stand out more, such as when you click on the host and the concentric circles show up behind it.

My configuration:
Redhat FC4
Nagios 2.0b3 2.28


i’d just use the tactical overview to see what’s down…
if not you can always modify the sourcecode of the statusmap.cgi to use a bigger font if the device is down.



I edited /usr/lib/nagios/cgi/statusmap.cgi and it seems to be a binary file. It showed all kinds of garbage characters. How can I modify this file to change the font and whatnot?

Also, would it be possible to change the angle/arc of the Circular Marked Up graph? Any idea how to accomplish that? Thanks for your help.


change statusmap.c and then
make statusmap



In other words, you don’t edit the compile binaries, you edit the source code and recompile the source.

My first observation about your problem is Ughhh. You must not use parent definitions in your hosts.cfg file.
So, if someone unplugs your network cable to the nagios PC, then you are going to get about 1000 emails sent saying EVERY host on the network is DOWN, when in fact, the ONLY host that is DOWN is the NAGIOS PC network interface. The rest are simply UNREACHABLE.



I have the same problem. I use dependencies, but I have a lot of host (at least 200). I like Circular map, but because of the big quantity of hosts, some of them overlaps with the others and it is very difficult to recognize them.

I think a solution could be making bigger de length of the radius of the circles, but I do not know if I can change this length.

If I have to edit de CGI, an recompile it, how I can do that?

Thanks for your help.